Join us Sunday, August 25 for Discover Grace!
To kick off our year and in celebration of the Summer Olympics, Discover Grace will host FAMILY OLYMPICS at the August Discover Grace! Come hang out with us for some family friendly competition and learn about God together! Don’t worry about dinner because we have that covered too! Just bring your family and friends for a fun night of fellowship, faith, and celebration!
Discover Grace is a worship experience focused on opening our hearts and minds to discovering God’s grace together. This is a new way of being church particularly for families, but open and welcoming for everyone! Families will enjoy being together, making things, eating, and celebrating God together through His Word, music, and prayer. With Discover Grace, we are creating a community of all ages, centered on Christ, showing Christian hospitality-giving people a chance to express their creativity, to sit down together and eat a meal, and to have fun in the church!
What to expect?
This is a family affair, so everyone is invited and welcomed to Discover Grace. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join the fun! And remember, you don’t have to plan dinner! It’s already done for you! Around the room there will be several different, Bible themed, hands-on activities for your family to enjoy together. Then we will gather for a short celebration time with an interactive story, songs, and prayer followed by sharing a meal around tables with our families and friends.
Why Discover Grace?
Discover Grace is a way for families to encounter Jesus in a relaxed space. Life can be messy and finding time to do things as a family can be challenging. But you don’t have to wait until you have all your ducks in a row, or your kids can sit in a pew; God meets you wherever you are in the chaos. Sometimes the holiest of moments are found in the simplicity and chaos of everyday life. Making things together, experiencing things together – even simply making a mess together – can be one way to experience God’s Kingdom in your family, our church, and our community. We’re not just glueing and sticking; we’re reflecting the God who creates and re-creates and gives us the courage to be more fully human as we mirror His actions. At Discover Grace, you will enjoy the creativity, hospitality, and emphasis on celebration and bringing all ages together with Jesus at the center of it all.