Opportunities to Serve
Ministry Safe
Ministry Safe certification is a requirement of our children and youth volunteers, to enable our Children’s/Student Ministries to carry out ministry activities with children and/or youth (students) while safeguarding program participants against emotional, physical or sexual abuse.
As a volunteer there are a few steps we need you to take in order to continue working with our children/youth here at First Church. Even our most active and faithful, long-term volunteers, staff and even the pastors are required to fulfill this obligation for the safety of our children.
We ask you do the following in order to be compliant with Ministry Safe guidelines:
  • Read each of the Policy booklets. On the last page you will find a Statement of Acknowledgment and Agreement. Please sign and return this page for each policy (Children’s and Youth).
  • Complete the Volunteer Application Form/Criminal Records Check Authorization.
  • Return both the policy signature pages and the application form to the church. (The policy books themselves are yours to keep.)
  • Upon completion & return of paperwork you will receive an email for the online training.
You may have questions and we are here to answer them for you. Please feel free to contact either pastors or Mary Beth Mayo, Administrative Assistant at 972.775.3993.
We greatly appreciate everything you do and look forward to working together while insuring the safety of our children and youth.
Thank you for assisting us in meeting compliance with Ministry Safe guidelines.